Snoop Dogg Sparked A Blunt Outside Of The White House While Wearing A Howard University Hoodie And We're Living

"I had to do it."

Photo Credit: Twitter

| November 09 2018,

01:57 am

Donning a Howard University sweatshirt and Black Panther-style necklace, Snoop Dogg blessed the internet with videos of him lighting up in front of the White House on Thursday.

In the series of videos, Snoop walked through a park in direct view of Trump’s lair, casually enjoying D.C.’s legal weed laws

“While you n****s is voting and doin’ all this other bullsh*t, I’m at the White House smoking,” Snoop Dogg says as he sits back, enjoying the blunt. “F**k the president.”

I had 2 do it pt1

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I had 2 do it pt 2

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I had 2 do it pt 3

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The 47-year-old has been more than vocal of his distaste for Trump, criticizing the president’s actions throughout his time in office. 

“If you like that n****r, you motherf***in racist,” the rapper said in an interview with DJ Suss One. “F**k you and f**k him. Now what?”

And honestly? He’s not wrong. 

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