It’s time to dust off your old BlackPlanet account, because Solange Knowles is about to make the website cool again.

Knowles made a profile on the website we all frequented back when jersey dresses were still a thing. She then announced the new profile on Twitter:

Her page sports a black background with silent videos of Solange, phrases and other expertly curated artsy imagery. The move is part of the promotion strategy for her new album, reports Time Magazine.

On the site, the “Losing You” singer can be seen pole dancing and donning cowgirl themed looks, a clear homage to Houston, Texas, her hometown.

“I made the pilgrimage back to the pagoda of third ward houston to answer this,” reads one of the site's quotes.

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Solange also posted dates for her upcoming concert.   

As Blavity previously reported, Solo promised her fans she would release a follow-up to A Seat At The Table in Fall 2018, but that didn’t happen.

It looks like the artist is finally ready to share new songs, and the world waits with bated breath.

Her social media shenanigans sent Twitter into a tizzy:


If you will excuse us, we’re going to attempt to unearth our old BP pages.

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