Emerging 14 year old British actor, Solomon Glave gives Time Out London some insight into his experience working on Andrea Arnold’s reinvented take on Wuthering Heights. In the interview he discusses the harsh conditions he had to endure while shooting…

Solomon states:

“It was horrible” and “it was always me getting wet and cold.

Of the character he plays, a younger Heathcliff, he goes on to say,

“I wouldn’t like to live like that…I’d probably end up killing myself.”

The young actor also shares a comical exchange about his dirtier scenes with costar Shannon Beer (you know, the angsty young counsel flat teen from the film Fish Tank). The two actors chide each other, with Beer stating that the toughest scene to film was the “fight” scene because they were “rolling around in the mud”, but Solomon interjects…

“The fight was easy.”

I can only wonder what Wuthering Heights will do for Solomon’s budding career. Like so many of his young counterparts, the right role can lead to more but like S&A contributor, Emmanuel eluded to in his eloquent post yesterday on whether (Black) actors in the UK are hiding in plain sight, could it be that ‘Heights’ will be a platform for Solomon’s fairer co-star and only a footnote for him? I guess only time will tell. You can read the full interview and write up HERE.