A lot of people are tuning into the World Cup so it is safe to say the sports spirit is upon us! Though, we have to wait till 2020 for the next Summer Olympics, don't you worry because the next best thing is happening now!

Actually, who are we kiddin'? It's better. 

Thanks to YouTuber RDCworld1, the Hood Olympics is in full effect!

The video was uploaded back in February 2018, but we believe it shall (and will) live forever! 

Events included men's dice rolling, running from the cops, drug dealing and the perennial classic, instigating.

Skills such as deftly checking for cops while rolling those lucky 7s, the art of zig-zagging when the cops are chasing you, smoothly counting out money for a drug deal and properly instigating a fight are narrated with the type of analysis and aplomb NBC commentators can only dream of.

Just like the "regla" Olympics, the hood Olympics will be back in 2020, giving us something to look forward to! 

Photo: GIPHY

So, all we want to know is where can we binge on past Hood Olympics? Please and thank you.