A South African pastor might not be turning water into wine, but he sure wants us to believe he can resurrect the dead.

Per The Guardian, Alleluia Ministries International pastor Alph Lukau is creating buzz around his now-viral video showing him acting as if he brought a man back to life. Witnesses are seen standing around a coffin as the minister lays hands on the body. The man, who was called Elliot during the video, rose from the casket with his mouth open after the prayer was complete. 

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“As Kings and Queens Funeral Services, we would like to distance ourselves from the supposed resurrection,” the funeral home hired to make arrangements for the man wrote in a statement. “We are in the process of taking legal action for this malicious damage to our image.”

Kings & Queens Funeral Services reported customers placed "Black Phoenix stickers" on their vehicle to appear credible and even called saying they had "disputes" with other funeral service companies. The coffin was purchased from Kingdom Blue. 

The incident has sparked controversy around these practices in other African countries. In Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta wants to regulate churches, calling preachers "thieves." 

Quartz Africa reported the "resurrected" man is a Zimbabwean man who goes by Brighton. He works at a timber factory in Pretoria. Lukau, who has supposedly healed several people in wheelchairs, allegedly received helped from Brighton who once pretended to be wheelchair-bound.

The 29-year-old was said to have died on Friday and his body sent to Zimbabwe.