South Carolina State Governor Henry McMaster recently signed a bill that honors Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The bill designates the third Tuesday in February as HBCU Day and was brought on by South Carolina State Rep. Deon Tedder, a South Carolina State University graduate. South Carolina is home to 8 illustrious HBCUs: Benedict College, Claflin University, Voorhees College, Clinton College, Allen University, Morris College, Denmark Technical College, and South Carolina State.

"They produce our best and brightest in the state. In South Carolina today, we're sending a message that HBCUs matter," Tedder stated. "Today is history. Today is Black history."

"This is a historic moment," added Gov. McMaster. "The reason South Carolina is so strong, one of the reasons in their many, is because of the contributions of our HBCUs. And I think as we proceed in the history of this country, we will see more and more demonstration of how this aspect of our lives in South Carolina is something that'll take us to the top."

"This is a momentous step forward. Long time coming, and long time we could be going," he continued.

While this is undoubtedly a historic moment, Tedder said this is just the beginning.

"We need facilities that are livable. We need opportunities for students' programs to expand so that they can compete with those coming from out of state," Tedder stated.

"Over the years, HBCUs haven't always been treated with equitable funding. We must be intentional in trying to level the playing field," added Alex Conyers, South Carolina State University's interim president.

The next steps include South Carolina officials acquiring funding partners to support initiatives for minoritized students and HBCU-goers within the state.

This initiative notably comes on the heels of numerous HBCUs throughout the country receiving bomb threats, showing that some are still making vain attempts to hold these institutions back. However, the love for HBCUs is going strong as South Carolina exemplifies its new state holiday.

Let's give it up for South Carolina, honoring and actively trying to support HBCUs at this time, and let's also encourage other states to do the same.