While Gabby Douglas helped the U.S. Gymnastics team win a gold medal, people railed on her (again) because of her hair.

It didn’t stop there. Many conservatives were furious when Douglas failed to place her hand over her heart during the national anthem.

So many people were quick to jump on Douglas, claiming that she was intentionally trying to disrespect the USA. 

But, why are these people so pressed?

Let’s pretend like Douglas made the intentional choice to not put her hand over her heart while the song played during the medal ceremony. Don’t forget, this song was written while black people were considered 3/5ths human. Why is Douglas expected to pledge her allegiance to a country that does not value the lives of people that look like her? Her country is racist, classist, xenophobic, and transphobic. Not pledging allegiance to a country that devalues black lives is not totally insane.

Douglas later issued an apology on Twitter.

Photo: @gabrielledoug / Twitter
Photo: @gabrielledoug / Twitter

But, for some, her apology was too much.

Photo: Tumblr

Why won’t y’all leave this woman alone?

Douglas has accomplished more than most people ever will. She is already an inspiration to many young black girls. Tearing Douglas down because of her hair or her accidental rejection of the national anthem is monumentally stupid. We live in a time where black people must stand strong together. We have to love and support each other.

Douglas was not the only black woman criticized this week. Malia Obama was slammed for smoking (an act also known as being a teenager) and Sasha Obama was chastised for having a summer job in Martha’s Vineyard. And, Simone Biles was oddly profiled by journalists who cling to the  story of  white saviorism.

It’s like we can’t win.

We are either too smart, too dark, or too loud to be respected. Let us live. And please, for the love of God, please leave black women alone and let us flourish.

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Photo: Tumblr

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