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Why Stephanie Grisham Can Forget About Us Protesting Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris

We are not boycotting Tip!

Apparently, the White House is in search of a new cabinet position. They are currently searching for someone with common sense! As if this was not apparent before, their latest stunt is even crazier. Recently, a spokesperson for Melania Trump called for a protest of rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris. In his latest promo video, the rapper has an image of a woman, who closely resembles the current First Lady, de-robing in the Oval Office. The Trump administration’s communication director, Stephanie Grisham, tweeted the following comment: " How is this acceptable? #disgusting #boycott T.I. @Tip

In the video, we see 45 getting on a plane and T.I. making himself at home in the Oval Office. Very soon after, the Melania doppelgänger enters the room wearing the controversial “I Really Don’t Care” jacket. She soon takes it off and, now nude, dances and entertains T.I., all while quick shots of 45, White House memorabilia and, most notably, a close-up President Abraham Lincoln are strategically placed on the screen.

There are some implicit messages in the video, but this is not a defense piece of those things — for now (the concept of her stripping in the oval was problematic regardless of her risque past!). However, who exactly does Grisham expect to boycott T.I.? An Atlanta native and T.I. fan had the following to say about it via Instagram: “Who exactly are they asking to boycott @troublman31? Because I am pretty sure 99.99999999999% of his [T.I.] supports can’t stand anyone living in, or working with, that White House in Washington D.C.”

While these sentiments are true, it is also worth noting, that most of 45’s real supports are not fans of the “Rubber Band Man.” If all of this correct, then who will respond to said boycott?

You want something to boycott, here are a few things for your immediate consideration:

  • How about boycotting a Senate Judiciary Committee that mocked and ridiculed a sexual assault victim?
  • How about boycotting a First Lady who is insensitive to the plight of America? (We all saw that jacket, and we don’t believe the twist you tried in defense of wearing it.)
  • How about we boycott stadiums and conference centers that host rallies that promote ignorance, racism and xenophobia?

The video was objectifying and tasteless. T.I. does not get a pass on that! However, when considering your target audience Ms. Grisham, you’ve failed on this one. For the next couple of years, focus less on planning boycotts and focus more on trying to preserve what’s left of this trash image forever burned in our brains from this 45th presidential administration.

A boycott of T.I.? Nah, fam. We good over here.

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Disciple of Jesus and a lover of trap music, Josh Rodgers is a Memphis native and Morehouse graduate. He currently resides in the Atlanta area with his wife and two sons. Oh, and he writes a weekly blog or whatever. Subscribe!