NFL star Sterling Shepard is helping amplify small businesses throughout this holiday season.

The New York Giants player is working with Wells Fargo to put a bigger spotlight on a certain subsect of small businesses.

“We’re here at Hudson Yards today to support eight women-owned small businesses and honestly, they’re helping me do a bit of my Christmas shopping,” Shepard told Blavity exclusively during a pop-up Holiday Shopping Market. “There was one lady who has some skincare products, and my baby deals with eczema, so I picked up some stuff that may help her out as well.”

From now until Jan. 1, Wells Fargo will spotlight eight tri-state small businesses through the Wells Fargo Small Business Market.

“This time of the year everyone is trying to get presents and gifts, so this is definitely a time where you have the option to go with some of the bigger businesses, but I personally try to go with small businesses if I can,” Shepard said. “I think it’s super important because they are the backbone of our community, so we must help support and empower them.”

Thanks to the festive shopping experience led by the financial institution, the local merchants gain access to not only shoppers who live or work in the bustling city of New York but also the millions of visitors and tourists who head to the Big Apple in celebration of the holiday season.

On assisting the small businesses, Shepard said, “These are the things that I love to do, especially giving back to small businesses. My sister is a small business owner. My aunt is a small business owner and my girlfriend too, so I know how that can sometimes be.”

Moreover, the holidays hold a special place in Shepard’s heart, thanks to his mother.

“My mom made every Christmas special,” he recalled. “I tip my hat off to her because she was a single mother, but she always got me and my sister whatever we wanted, so it was always special. One of the gifts that I remember the most was probably my PlayStation. It was the first one to come out, and I still play games to this day, so just knowing that she got me started on that type of stuff is pretty cool.”