The NFL has no shortage of issues that it manages every season with its players. Some of them I’ve touched on in the past. But I think one of the NFL’s brightest spots is its star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts. The NFL star has already led his team to a Super Bowl appearance. And this season, he has the Eagles leading the NFC East with a 10-2 record. He’s also lauded for some other characteristics and endeavors. Since we’re in a season of appreciation, why not big up Hurts?

His agent is a Black woman

Photo: Jerritt Clark via Getty Images for Culture Creators

Nicole Lynn functions as Jalen Hurts’ agent. It isn’t too common for professional athletes to be represented by Black women in this fashion. Having a Black woman at the forefront of managing contract negotiations and disputes displays great trust in a Black woman’s intellect and judgment.

His girlfriend is a Black woman

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Let’s keep it real: There’s certainly a stigma about affluent Black men and who they choose to court and build with. Bry Burrows is an AI partner at IBM, where she continues to showcase that there is more than what meets the eye.

In recent times, it’s almost comedically assumed that if you’re a Black pro-athlete, you’re most certainly going to decide to pro-create with a white or non-Black woman.

It’s also a reality that people love who they love, and I’m in full recognition and support of that. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the folks who that doesn’t apply to. For people who have an issue with their image, that often manifests in them putting down their own women.

The optics of Hurts’ relationship continue to champion the worthiness of ease and happiness that Black women also deserve.

He gives back

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Hurts has committed to making sure he makes as much impact off the field as he does on it. For instance, there’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand where people can register stands and sell lemonade to raise money for childhood cancer cures. You also have Jalen Hurts Day in Philadelphia where the 25-year-old athlete gives back to the local community with his time and inspiration for those who attend, especially the kids.

He's a winner

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As mentioned earlier, Hurts is a winner; there’s just no two ways about it. The Eagles look primed to make a deep run in this year’s NFL playoffs. They have to be considered Super Bowl contenders at this point in the season. Hurts’ commitment to diligence and greatness has rubbed off on his teammates. And let’s face it, when you’re as talented as Hurts is, it’s a hell of a lot easier for you to root for him.