Steve Bannon is here for the economic interest of black people. At least that's the message the former White House strategist delivered to a group of black business leaders during a meeting sponsored by the South Carolina African American Chamber of Commerce where he spoke of his agenda of "economic nationalism" and how it could help them.

"Minority entrepreneurs are the biggest customers of community banks," Bannon said. "And you know why they didn't get recapitalized? Because nobody cares. When it comes time to make the deals, you're not in the room."

If the message of black economic empowerment is a bit hard to swallow coming from the chief of a notorious white supremacist propaganda mill, it's not without reason.

Bannon's racist reputation didn't stop Chamber Chairman Stephen Gilchrist from inviting the Breitbart News chief to speak before the chamber. Gilchrist, who says he considers Bannon a friend, told the Associated Press, "This administration has an opportunity to engage a new constituency and show them what policy really means." 

Bannon received a warm welcome from the group, and even a resounding “Amen!” from members when he explained that his concept of “economic nationalism” has nothing to do with ethnicity or race but rather for policies that advance opportunities for its citizens.

For the black community, Bannon said, that means strengthening the community banks on which he said many minority-owned businesses rely. Those institutions, he said, didn’t get the same bailout opportunities as bigger banks did following the economic downturn several years ago.

“When it comes time to make the deals, you’re not in the room,” he said, adding that big banks “got a piece of the action. Isn’t it time for your piece?”