A minor story, perhaps, but an interesting quote nevertheless. Steve Harvey, in a recent interview on Access Hollywood, said that he's very protective about his Think Like A Man franchise and has strong opinions on how it should be presented and that includes a NO BUFFOONERY clause as sorts

According to Harvey he's already passed on ideas for a sequel to the hit movie and as he said in the interview: "They pitched a couple of storylines to me. I'm not sold on any one of them yet. I'd love to duplicate the success of the first one. That's going to be hard but we're going to get there"

He further added that: "You can't take my book and turn it into buffoonery. I'm not ever going to allow that. The book wasn't about buffoonery. The first movie wasn't and it really struck a nerve with men and women and so the second movie has to be in the same vein.."

Who going to disagree with that? Any comments?