Oxford University host an Annual Access Conference, an event designed to encourage students of African and Caribbean descent to make applications to Oxford and higher education as a whole. As part of the event, students choose a "person of the year." Usually, the society's Annual Access Conference honors black Oxford alumni, giving them the chance to speak about what can be achieved by studying at the university. However, this year, they chose someone a little different. 

They dedicated the award to rapper Stormzy for being a good role model. 

"Today I received the 'Person Of The Year' Award from Oxford University ACS. Standing proudly in a room full of young black Kings & Queens," Stormzy shared via Twitter. 

The 23-year-old rapper has done his share of great work for the community. Just this past January, he donated £9,000 to a student's crowdfunding campaign. Students of the ACS were just as happy to meet him as he was to be there. 

Renee Kapuku, president of Oxford's ACS spoke very highly of Stormzy. 

"He has truly been an inspiration," she told BBC Newsbeat. "Stormzy epitomizes everything we wish to impart on the students we engage with."

Congrats Stormzy! 

Photo: Giphy