Well turns out that the $56.1 million reported yesterday for "Straight Out of Compton’s" opening
weekend was wrong. Seems that Universal underestimated the actual numbers
for the film and, according to the studio today, it actually grossed
$60.2 million for the weekend.
put that into perspective, that makes it the biggest opening ever for an R-rated film in August, the fifth biggest opening ever for any film in
the month of August, and puts it in 120th place of the 200 biggest box office
weekend openings all of time.
Also,  considering that the film only cost $29 million to make, which in Hollywood
studio terms makes it practically a low budget film for them, "Compton" has actually grossed twice it’s production budget in just three days.
But,  as I said in my box office report yesterday, does this mean a new
interest in black films by Hollywood film studios? Well I’m sure not
holding my breath.