Priah Ferguson has been a fan favorite on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things since her first appearance in season 2. Her character runs around the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana with her brother and his friends as they fight off several supernatural monsters. 

Ferguson makes a splash in an ad airing for General Motors during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The Atlanta native began acting as a child after being inspired by movies including Daddy’s Little Girls and Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. She acted in several locally-produced short films before snagging a role on an episode of the FX series, Atlanta. 

Ferguson now plays Erica Sinclair, the sassy, sarcastic little sister to Lucas Sinclair on Stranger Things. She became a regular character in season 3, stealing the scene every time she appeared.

While Erica has no problem rattling off crafty one-liners and dropping a curse word now and then, Ferguson says that wouldn’t have worked in her real life. 

“I’m not as sassy as Erica, but I think I would have a little fun with her,” she told Blavity in a recent interview. “I don’t remember if I was like that at ten years old. I possibly was. I know I wasn’t as dramatic, but I definitely was a little quick at the mouth. But I definitely didn’t cuss as much as Erica did.” She laughed, stating that “her mom wouldn’t have let her get away with that.” 

Ferguson’s transition to a regular character was a change for the young actress, but she was ready to put in the work.

“When you become a series regular, it’s like you’re working every day,” she said. “I wasn’t used to that. So I had to make adjustments so I could put myself there.”


Her adjustments paid off because she got a chance to shine as the lead in the Netflix original movie, The Curse of Bridge Hollow. She starred alongside Marlon Waynes and Kelly Rowland in the family-friendly Halloween movie. Ferguson plays their spirited teenage daughter, Sydney.

One of the common themes between the characters and Ferguson is their confidence in being an outspoken Black girl, which she doesn’t take lightly.

“I feel like I definitely have a responsibility because young girls, especially young Black girls, get inspired when they see themselves on screen,” she said. “And I realize I represent that. Not only are my characters sassy, but most are into science and sci-fi and would classify as ‘STEM-girls’ in this era. And I think it’s important for girls of color to see themselves more in those spaces.”

Although the high school junior admits history is her favorite subject, her roles have made her grow in interest in chemistry. However, she isn’t rushing to buy the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

She continued to speak about the importance of representation and how she hopes her characters teach young girls to embrace themselves.

“I think it [my characters] are relatable to a lot of young girls of color,” the actress explained. “They see me, and they are like, ‘oh, it’s OK for me to like science. It’s okay for me to be a nerd. It’s okay for me to like Dungeons & Dragons!’ And because the show is popular and centers around kids who are seen as nerds, it embraces everyone. It encourages people to walk in their own skin more and be themselves. It’s universal.”

Ferguson takes inspiring young Black girls seriously on and off the screen. Her creative production company, Bold Honey, aims to center Black girls in spaces where they can see themselves in any role.

“There are so many areas young Black girls are into that we haven’t tapped into or heard about,” she continued. “So, I want to share those stories and get them out there, so other girls can see them and relate to them. I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin and know it’s okay to be them and different. You know we all want something or someone we can relate to. I know when I’m watching something, that’s what I want.”

Outside of her own company’s productions, the young actress is part of a campaign for one of the nation’s largest automobile companies.

General Motors joined forces with Netflix to showcase electric vehicles (EVs). GM is committed to an “all-electric” future, planning to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035 to establish a cleaner, better world. Netflix jumped on board to spread the message and brought Fergosun along for the ride.

The Super Bowl-debuting commercial stars Will Ferrell and also features Netflix talent like Vanessa Lachey, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski.

“Netflix is taking steps to make their productions more sustainable, and teaming up with a company that wants to spread that message was a great thing to be part of,” she said. “I think it’s important that we take care of the planet, not just to be considerate but for our future. And what better way to spread the message than at the Super Bowl and with Rihanna performing? That’s a big deal!”

Ferguson is passionate about Rihanna and the initiative. She’s looking into an EV as her first car while anticipating getting her driver’s license.

While Stranger Things’ fifth and final season is coming eventually, Ferguson is also excited to branch out.

“Yes, you will definitely see me in more acting roles,” she teased. “Older acting roles! Growing my production company, and I also want to get more into fashion.”