For prom season, some students are tappped into their fashion design skills to craft their own gowns. Sarah Akinbuwa recently went viral for crocheting her prom dress.

The Boston native was invited to someone else’s prom as a date but was notified just days in advance. She decided to make her own dress, which took her only three days and $60.

“I had to make a dress by hand,” Akinbuwa said in an interview with People.

The 18-year-old crocheted a pink strapless floor-length gown, with roses on the bottom half. She also made a matching floor-length shrug and handbag. Akinbuwa was inspired by the pink strapless gown, designed by Valentino Haute Couture, Zendaya wore at the 2023 SAG Awards. The Challengers actress’ gown featured a whopping 190 roses on the skirt.

The 18-year-old posted the dressmaking process on TikTok, in a video that has garnered nearly 26 million views so far. She said she received compliments from her friends and strangers alike.

“My friends loved the dress and I got tons of compliments”, she told People.

One of those many compliments can be heard in her TikTok video. A woman is heard saying, “I love your dress.” After the teen thanks the woman and informs her that she made it herself, the bystander reacts, “You did?!”

Akinbuwa has been crocheting since she was 12; she makes custom orders for friends and family members, along with her social media followers. Her goal after high school?

“I have to be a fashion designer,” she said.