More than 50 El Paso High School students might have to retake the SATs. The students didn’t cheat or violate any school policies, but they may have to retest because their answer sheets flew out of a UPS truck while being transported.

A video posted by Instagram user @Therealfitfamelpaso showed a UPS truck driving down a busy street in El Paso, while white papers were flying out. The loose papers were later identified as SAT answer sheets. According to BuzzFeed News, after the incident was reported to the school, all but 55 tests were accounted for.

The video was captioned, “What. The. Hell. El Paso High School seniors may have to retake their SATs after a @ups truck accidentally dumped their test sheets on Mesa.”

The post also shared images of an alert that was sent to the families from the El Paso Independent School District.

Liza Rodriguez, chief communications officer of the school district, released a statement about the incident.

“El Paso ISD is working closely with the College Board to determine a remedy for the El Paso High School students whose SAT exams were lost in transit after they were securely submitted to UPS,” Rodriguez said, according to BuzzFeed News.

She also stated that “counselors are providing students interested in taking the ACT with waivers to retake the exam at no cost.”