In Des Moines, Iowa, college students rallied to help their favorite dining hall cashier.

Marietta Jackson has worked at the Hubbell Dining Hall on Drake University’s campus for the last 15 years. Throughout that time, Jackson has been a beloved worker known for making students feel at home.


“She is an amazing woman. She is always so kind. She takes care of us and always makes you feel special,” Drake student Chris Davis said, per KCCI 8.

“She knows everybody’s name. She lights up your day. Makes you feel welcome. You would never guess she is going through what she is going through,” Drake basketball player Okay Djamouz said, according to the outlet.

“They love me. I love them. I’m their mom away from home,” Jackson told KCCI 8 with a laugh.

Though she’s all smiles at her job, Jackson has dealt with health issues that have caused her to miss work.

“I have ovarian cancer, which has not been pleasant at all,” she said.

After hearing about Jackson’s diagnosis, Drake basketball player Maggie Bair created a GoFundMe campaign for her. It’s since raised more than $33,000 for medical expenses.

“I feel surrounded with love,” Jackson told KCCI 8. “I feel their prayers, and I am truly blessed. Thank you so much. I don’t even know how to say thank you. Thank you.”

Thanks to the money raised through the crowdsource crusade, Jackson can pay some medical expenses not covered by her insurance.