When it comes to brilliant musicians and artists, New York City is a hotbed of talent. Walk into any subway and you’re likely to find gifted and creative musicians casually singing their entire souls. That was certainly the case for music manager Danny Kang when he ran into this inspiring performer anointing commuters and blessing bystanders with his deep, rich and textured voice.

The clip quickly went viral once Twitter got wind of the subway performer.

There was ample appreciation for the sheer vocal mastery.

But, where can we peep the live show?

Definitely a performance worth being late to work for.

And then came the questions we were all thinking.

The virtual share was in full effect.

Apparently my dude has been about this soulful life.

Whoever this man is and wherever he came from, we owe this talented individual a collective thank you for blessing, gathering and reorganizing our entire lives.

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