Cleanses have been a trending topic for the last few years and fasting is coming up more and more in conversations. But what is it? According to the Webster’s Dictionary, to fast is to eat no food for a period of time.

Photo: Giphy

Fasting is not new. Many religions have some sort of fasting ritual: Lent, Ramadan, Ala, Yom Kippur, Spring Equinox — just to name a few. Fasting is also used for resting the body before an important surgery or to free the body of toxins and waste.

If you’re still weary of the concept, you shouldn’t be. You fast every night. Your body automatically fasts during sleep, but you end it every morning during breakfast. Get it? Break + fast.

You want to try fasting and don’t know where to start? No worries, I got you! I began my 30-day fast today and for the next few weeks I’ll be giving out tips and sharing my experience as go.

First tip for survival: Set your intention. Why do you want to fast? Do you want to find spiritual clarity? Reset your body for a healthy lifestyle? Get ready for #bikiniseason2016? Whatever the reason, think long and hard because having strong intentions can motivate you when you want to quit.

Here are some of my intentions for my fast:

  • To gain more energy and mental clarity
  • To release weight, toxins, and negative emotions and habits
  • To restart a healthy plant-based lifestyle
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To make your intentions even stronger, write them down and put them somewhere you can see it every day. That way, the message sticks.