Though you may not know 14-year-old Leon “Kida” Burns by name, you’ve definitely seen his face before. Despite being all over social media for a while now, a video of Kida performing with a group he directs, New Generation, recently went viral for their dance routine to “Cut It.”

Cut it✂️- Ot Genesis @kidathegreat @vannahbfam1st @leileistar0507

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Their routines are LIT. They ran off on the plug twice.

Ran Off On Da Plug Twice @kidathegreat @vannahbfam1st @leileistar0507 @newgeneration916 @plies

A video posted by @newgeneration916 on

And they were also lit to Yo Gotti. If you aren’t following them on Instagram, what are you doing!?

Back at it again @kidathegreat @vannahbfam1st @leileistar0507

A video posted by @newgeneration916 on

Kida’s choreography to this Party Next Door song has also been all over our TLs.

When you though he couldn’t get anymore awesome, he appeared at the BET Awards, dancing with Usher during the singer’s performance of  “No Limit.”

Who saw me lit with usher tonight at the BET awards🔥🔥 #betawards

A video posted by Cut it Kid✂️⚡️OgBobbykid (@kidathegreat) on

And that’s still not all! You can catch Kida this summer on So You Think You Can Dance: The New Generation as a contestant. He’s already killing it.

In an interview with FOX40, Kida said had been watching the show for years and was excited about the opportunity. Kida’s father died from a flu virus in 2014, and instilled the love of dance in him and his seven siblings. “Every time I go on that stage, that’s what I think of. I think of him. And I know he’s watching down smiling down on me right now. So he’s gonna be on my mind, and I dedicate every performance to him.”

Kida’s mother, Tanisha, who cleaned dance studios to put Kida and her other two children through dance schools, said she sees his father in him. Now, her son is traveling the world as a dancer, choreographer and instructor. “Just inspire the world; that’s all we want to do. As a family, going through what we went through, losing a husband and a father. What the kids are doing…inspiring the whole world, I couldn’t ask for anything else,” she said.

The young dancer gave words of encouragement to other people who aspire to make their dreams come true, saying, “Never give up. Because you can always do it. You just have to believe in yourself.”

You can catch Kida’s journey on SYTYCD on Monday nights, and keep up with him on Instagram.

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