Following the success of the Grammy-nominated CTLR, many fans have been anticipating SZA’s sophomore album. After deflecting questions about her album release for over three years, the 29-year-old singer revealed this week that she’s had a “hostile” relationship with the leadership at her record label.

In a series of back-and-forth tweets with fans, the “Love Galore” singer exposed a rift between her and Top Dawg Entertainment President Terrence Louis Henderson Jr. She expressed frustration with the priority given to her as an artist and asked fans to direct their album related questions to Henderson Jr., also known by his rap name Punch.

“At this point y’all gotta ask punch. I've done all I can do,” the singer wrote in an Aug. 19 tweet that has since been deleted, the Source reports.

A fan responded, “would you say this is an adverse or hostile relationship or just out of your hands — you just don’t know?”

SZA replied, “BEEN hostile.”

When asked about the chances of hearing her unreleased music, Punch responded “soon” to a curious SZA fan. When a screenshot of that exchange was shared to her social media, SZA responded with “welcome to my f**king life."

This week wasn't the first time the “Broken Clocks” artist openly expressed issues with her creative control. In an interview with Flaunt in 2018, she suggested issues related to her debut album’s release nearly encouraged her to quit music.

“I’m still miserable,” she says. “My world got so much smaller so fast. I have so much to write about. I feel like I’m in a cage,” she said. “I’m making the best album of my life for this next album and I know that because it’s going to be my last album.”

Even though her abilities drew the admiration of fans, peers and label mates alike, the 29-year-old said she felt her aesthetic might not be accepted by fellow TDE stars like Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock.

“It just so happened that being weird ended up being cool during the Pharrell era, like, ‘Weird b***hes may be alright, if you’re bad.’ So I wondered if I fit that type. I was just by my f**king self,” SZA said.

Despite her issues with Punch, SZA corrected any concerns that she was having troubles with her peers at the label. On Thursday, she said the rest of the team has helped her reach her level of success and she trusts the label's judgement.

After #FreeSZA went trending on Twitter, the singer cleared the air and downplayed her feud with Punch on Thursday. She wrote, “me n punch be disagreeing ..hes never steered me wrong.”

Punch, if you're reading this: it's not too late.