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How 11-Year-Old JD McCrary, Who's Worked With Childish Gambino, Has Already Made Music History

JD McCrary first left us shooketh in January.
Alexa Lisitza
 • 7 months ago

On Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday, Family And Fans Remembered The Times He Proved He Was The Best To Ever Do It

There is only one Thrillermaker ... then, now and forever.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 8 months ago

Reports Surface Michael Jackson's Vocals Were Faked On His Posthumous Albums. Sony Music Says That's Fake News.

No, we are NOT OK. Neither is Sony Music, who is fighting against the allegations.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 8 months ago

Joe Jackson Passes Away At 89 Years Old

The 89-year-old music family's patriarch banned his loved ones from visiting him at the hospital.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 10 months ago

Michael Jackson, The Icon: 4 Lessons From The King That Can Help You Reach Your Full Potential

The King of Pop's life still inspires us.
Marvin DeBose
 • 10 months ago

Why We Should Stop Comparing Beyoncé To Michael Jackson

Michael moonwalked so Beyonce could be on the run.
Carrington Kinsey
 • 10 months ago

Quincy Jones Apologizes For His Tea-Spilling, 'Wordvomit' Interviews

The music mogul apologized after his six daughters arranged a "surprise family intervention."
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • a year ago

Quincy Jones Just Spilled Piping Hot Tea On Michael Jackson, Ivanka Trump, The Clintons And So Many More

At 84, Quincy isn't holding anything back.
Malinda Janay
 • a year ago

Quincy Jones Throws Shade At Taylor Swift: 'We Need More Songs, Man. F***ing Songs, Not Hooks'

Jones proves that shade, like wine, gets better with age.
Ricky Riley
 • a year ago

This Cover Song/Dance Video Mash-Up Featuring Beyoncé's Dance Crew Will Be Your New Favorite Thing

The singing! Whew! The dancing! Whew!
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

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