Tiffany Cross, the host of MSNBC‘s The Cross Connection, was slammed by podcaster Megyn Kelly because of her opinion on injuries and racism in the NFL. On Kelly’s Sirus XM podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, she called Cross a “moron” and “dumbass.” She also said Cross is “the most racist person on television.”

The accusations came after Cross commented on how the NFL addressed the injury of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.  

According to the New York Post, Tagovailoa was allowed to play in the Sept. 29 game between the Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals, which was days after he sustained a concussion. Tagovailoa was carried from the field after he was slammed to the ground during the game. He remained down for more than seven minutes. Tagovailoa appeared to display signs of decorticate posturing while on the ground, with his fingers frozen in front of his face, Insider reports. He experienced two concussions in five days, People reports.

The following Wednesday, Cross invited sports reporter Michael Smith on her show to discuss health and injury protocols after the player’s continuous injuries were glazed over. Smith stated that, in his opinion, the NFL is “hesitant to change protocols because it may have to come with an admission that Tua Tagovailoa was mishandled.”

Cross saw a larger problem with the controversy, and she suggested that race was the main concern in her analysis. She claimed there is a “disregard” for Black lives in the sports league.