23 years after the hit television series Smart Guy came to end, two of its star have shared the small screen once again!

Last month, actor Tahj Mowry posted a photo on Instagram of him sitting across from his former TV dad John Marshall Jones on the set of HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show.


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This was the first time fans have seen the two men together on-screen since they starred on 'Smart Guy.'

In the late 90s sitcom, Mowry played T.J. Henderson, a 10-year-old genius who faced new challenges as he navigated high school after being previously enrolled in elementary school. Jones portrayed T.J.’s dad Floyd Henderson.

Smart Guy also starred Jason Weaver, Essence Atkins and Omar Gooding. It originally premiered on the WB channel from 1997 to 1999, when the network canceled it. Disney Channel ultimately picked up the series and aired rerun episodes until 2003.

Since then, fans haven’t seen the Smart Guy cast together in the public eye. But now that Mowry and Jones have reunited and talk surrounding a Smart Guy reboot continues to spread, fans can’t help but feel nostalgic.

'Smart Guy' fans have missed seeing the cast together

Shortly after Mowry posted the photo of him and Jones on his Instagram, as reported by Atlanta Black Star many fans expressed excitement about the reunion.

“Tj all grown up and his pops,” someone wrote. “AWWWWW…the Hendersons are back together,” another fan expressed. “How did I miss this! TJ and Floyd back together again,” another user commented.

One user even pointed out that Mowry and Jones’ brief reunion might be enough to hold fans off until a Smart Guy reboot drops.

“This may tie us over until the reboot comes out,” they wrote. “This one was hilarious… Floyd and TJ. Together again!”




Tahj Mowry says there's been conversations surrounding a 'Smart Guy' reboot.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in May 2021 Mowry opened up about the Smart Guy reboot.

The actor explained that the reboot had been given the green light and was in the beginning stages.

“There’s been lots of Zoom meetings and talks about this, so we do have the ball rolling on it,” Mowry said. “It’s just a matter of time and timing, but we do have the possible home for it.”

Mowry added that he’s played a significant part in creating new storylines for the series.

“I feel like I came up with a really fresh take on how we can bring that back with the whole cast and something that is fresh and new,” he shared. “But also something that the diehard fans will still get that nostalgic aspect of it as well.”

Since then, no additional details regarding the Smart Guy reboot have been released.