One artist's life changed when she tweeted a work in progress photo of her Black Panther fan art on March 14.

Krystle Hickman shared a photorealistic ballpoint pen drawing of Chadwick Boseman as King T'Challa from the hit Marvel film Black Panther. What happened next was unexpected, to say the least, when the actor showed his love for the dope piece of art.   

The Los Angeles artist has always used Twitter to showcase her work but this image of Black Panther achieved a level of popularity that she could not imagine.

With more than 18,000 likes and 3,100 retweets, the tweet was a certified hit. She shared the completed image of her work on March 24, but this time her work caught the eye of Boseman. 

Boseman, known for his infectious laugh and love for his fans, shared the completed art piece on his Twitter page elevating the artist once more. His tweet garnered 10,000 retweets and nearly 61,000 likes. 

"Krystle Hickman, your pen work is incredible," he wrote Friday on Twitter. 

Black Panther has broken multiple records since its mid-February release, inspiring black creatives in art and tech to achieve greatness. Hickman is one of many whose love for the Ryan Coogler-directed movie has also helped them gain newfound internet fame.  

For more of Hickman's photorealism art, visit her website and take a look at how she created the Black Panther fan art below: