During an episode of NBC’s The Tonight Show: That’s My Jam, R&B singer Normani and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson lost in a lyrical contest that challenged their memory skills, Billboard reports.

The pair competed in a star-studded lineup round called “Slay It Don’t Spray It,” where contestants are tested on their knowledge of how well they know a song in the style of karaoke.

If one team fumbles over the words, the microphones in front of them will spray water in their face. However, for the team that recites all the lyrics correctly and “slays it,” their opponent gets sprayed instead.

Henson and Normani went up against singer Rita Ora and New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi in the Doombox booth.

The first song was Jennifer Lopez’s "Waiting for Tonight." Normani and Henson started off strong until the lyric “I’ve dreamed of this love for so long,” which was incorrectly replaced with Henson’s “this love is so special, it’s strong.”

Water erupted from the mics, causing Normani and Henson to scream in shock that they actually got “sprayed.”

Henson then told host Jimmy Fallon, “You can not wet Black girl’s hair,” before Normani placed her hands over her hair, saying, "my leave out."

“This was not in my contract,” she added.

For the second song, Ora and Waititi took on ABBA's “Dancing Queen,” during which Ora took the lead and led the pair to a win after she completed the lyric “you can jive having the time of your life.”

Henson and Normani were both on alert, carefully listening to see if the duo would stumble, only to be met with a second spray in the karaoke game.

Fallon then asked Henson, whose protective glasses were halfway off her face, “Why were you ducking?”

Ora followed up with, “It’s just water” but Henson didn't seem amused.

During the last round, both teams had to take turns on the song “Hey Ya!” by OutKast. Henson and Normani left the booth before getting sprayed a third time and joined Fallon in a hug.