It was special moment when TC Bakery landed a location inside the Tallahassee International Airport because it was the first Black woman-owned bakery to achieve such an accomplishment.

According to WTXL, after Jennifer Young, the owner of TC Bakery, was heavily affected by postpartum depression after giving birth to her twins, she turned to baking to cope. To get started, she used recipes from her father’s cookbook.

“I had my twins. I was suffering with PPD so bad. I needed an outlet for my anxiety,” Young told the news station. “I picked [up my dad’s cookbook] and I just started baking as an outlet to release my anxiety.”

Since this was a passion project, she began whipping up recipes in her kitchen. Soon after, her newfound hobby turned into TC Bakery and quickly started garnering attention from the Tallahassee community because of the delicious homemade recipes influenced by “southern-inspired flavors.” As interest in her baked goods grew, she started partnering with local businesses that also began selling her exclusive sweet treats.

“It’s going to be the best cake you ever had in your life,” a TC Bakery employee said. “Don’t get much better than that.”

The Florida resident’s business has now become a staple in the Tallahassee community, so it was only right that the next move for the TC Bakery was a partnership with the Tallahassee International Airport to continue the company’s expansion. When the deal closed, Young became a part of the city’s history, which was more than she imagined since people nationwide and worldwide can now taste her desserts when passing through the airport.

“They wanted to start having local businesses in the airport and he [an airport corporate employee] came across TC Bakery, and he thought that it would be a great partnership. We went, we met with them one day filled out the paper work, and it’s been on and popping’ ever since.”

She added, “In 2023, it’s amazing that history is still being made!”