A white Pekin, Illinois, teacher was forced to resign due allegations claiming he wrote racist and anti-semitic comments on a popular white nationalist website. 

Kevin Pummill was a social studies teacher at Pekin Community High School prior to his resignation April 23. According to the Pekin Journal Star, Pummill allegedly wrote numerous messages on the popular site IdentifyEvropa.

The site serves as a safe space for white nationalists and racists who want to share their ideas about the dangers of immigration and race mixing. There is also an abundance of posts warning about "white genocide."

Many of Pummill's writings came to the attention of Superintendent Danielle Owens because of the tireless work of anti-racist activism group Unicorn Riot.

The former teacher went by the alias “Undercover Academic” according to Unicorn Riot's findings. In one of his posts dated around Halloween of last year, he complained about Black children trick-or-treating in his white neighborhood. Terms like "mulattoes" and "redpilling" were also found in his messages. 

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They reportedly expose white nationalists who tend to hide in plain sight and do most of their interacting online. According to The Root, the group has released and made public 770,000 messages from the Discord chat server.

Not only has Pummill wrote in-depth about white genocide, he reportedly lectured on the subject at school. While serving as the sponsor of the school's politics club, the social studies teacher claimed white people in South Africa were suffering from "white genocide" due to the country's policy of land redistribution

Last week, the now-ousted teacher was placed on leave amid an investigation into his posts. He resigned before the investigation was completed, 25 News reports. 

"During the course of the investigation, the teacher resigned from employment and will not return to the school, the school said in a statement. "While the resignation occurred early in the process of the investigation, school representatives were able to confirm that the teacher made a number of troubling and offensive posts on a private web-based message board."

The town of Pekin has a history of anti-Black racism. There was significant Klu Klux Klan activity and Pekin was also considered a "sundowner" town, where Black people had to leave before sunset or face death. 

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