Tech 808 is today and here at Blavity we are excited to be in attendance. Here are ten reasons you should be joining us at the event.

  1. A tech entrepreneurship conference for us, by us – The Phat Startup team created a conference specifically geared toward diversity and appealing to underrepresented minorities in interested in entrepreneurship – just like them!

  2. Hip Hop – Have you ever been at conferences and the music sucked? That will not be a problem here. Tech 808 is heavily inspired by Hip-Hop music as a form of music that epitomizes hustle and making your dreams come true.

  3. Speakers – Some of the biggest up and coming names in tech, media, consumer products and marketing will be attendance. Tech 808 takes pride in bringing people who are in the trenches right now to provide insight and inspiration

  4. Sponsors we actually like – Everyone from AT&T, MailChimp, Stashed, and your very own Blavity will be there covering the event! Be sure to say hi!

  5. Networking – Your network makes your net worth. Tech 808 is a great opportunity to meet, greet and collab with aspiring hustlers just like you.

  6. NYC / Silicon Alley – The saying goes “if you can make it here, you can make it any where”. No city creates hustlers like NYC and it’s only right Tech 808 represents for the Big Apple.

  7. Pitches – Two start ups will be doing special pitches talking about their products – our friends at BAE – Before Anyone Else and CEWEBITY. Come show them some love!

  8. It’s on a Monday – Mondays are usually a drag as you crawl your way back into work. Tech 808 is going to alleviate that with a day full of high energy speakers, networking and music to start your week off right.

  9. Entrepreneurship – Speaking of jobs, ever dreamed of striking out on your own and doing what you’re passionate about? Tech 808 is not meant to give you the dreams, but to empower you with the right tools and mindset to make it happen.

  10. CultureThe team behind Tech 808, The Phat Startup is 100% about putting on for the culture. The nexus of entrepreneurship and hip-hop is a pivotal point millennials can’t afford to miss out on. So join us on monday to see how it can be the important next step for you.