Christine Davitt, a senior social media manager at Teen Vogue, is accused of using the n-word in her own past tweets after calling out Alexi McCammond for past xenophobic posts, leading to McCammond’s resignation.

According to The Hill, Davitt used the racial slur twice on social media more than 10 years ago. The woman, who describes herself as being of Irish and Filipino descent, allegedly used the word when she sent a tweet to a friend in 2009, identifying him as a “n***a.” She’s also accused of using the term again in 2010. 

Davitt’s 2009 tweet appears to be directed towards a white friend, The Hill reported. The social media manager’s account is now private. 

Alexi McCammond, who was set to begin her first day as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue editor, resigned after staff members complained about comments she posted about Asian Americans as a teenager. McCammond separated from the company this week, one day before her start date, after the Atlanta shooting that killed eight people, including six Asian Americans, as Blavity previously reported.

Davitt posted a letter on her now-private Instagram account on March 8, expressing concern about the potential hiring of McCammond and praising her colleagues for speaking up.

“So proud of my Teen Vogue colleagues. The work continues,” she wrote.

Neither the publication nor its parent company Condé Nast has yet to comment on the latest controversy.