The mother of a Texas middle schooler was arrested after she dressed as her daughter and snuck into the school to test the school's security measures. 

Complex reported that Casey Garcia dressed as her 13-year-old daughter and snuck into Enriquez Middle School, documenting her entire day.

The footage, shared to multiple social media platforms including TikTok and YouTube, shows the 30-year-old mother dressed in a hoodie, glasses and a face mask while sitting in on different classes.

In the six-minute video posted to YouTube, Garcia regularly posts updates, checking in once she made it inside of the school building. 

The parent even shared a conversation with an official she identified as the principal.

The 30-year-old goes unnoticed throughout most of the day, thanks to multiple students whom she thanks for their help.

“Just wanna say thank you to all the girls who helped me get to all of my classes yesterday,” Garcia said in a YouTube video that has since received more than 300,000 views. 

“I really, really appreciate it. I honestly would’ve been discovered way sooner if it weren’t for you. And if you knew my secret and you kept it for me, thank you so much for not saying anything. I honestly could’ve not made it the entire day as a middle school student without you,” she added. 

According to KTSM, she turned herself in to the front office after a teacher realized she was not a student. 

The superintendent of the school district, Dr. Jeannie Meza-Chavez, said they are investigating their security measures.

Another parent of a student who attends the school said the school was supposed to have more security present due to COVID-19.

“You don’t know what is going through their mind because you don’t know what’s going on and there are shootings,” the parent said, adding that visitors and parents are required to ring a bell to get inside the school and provide identification. “If that was her point by doing this, then she probably proved it because we need to have more security.”

Garcia was arrested and charged with falsifying records and trespassing.