A grand jury has decided to not indict a former McKinney, Texas police officer who was seen aggressively throwing a teenage girl in a bathing suit around at a pool party last summer. The scene was captured on video and went viral. Eric Casebolt, the officer in question, as well as the other officers at the scene, were seen using excessive profanity towards the teens at the pool party. While the teen’s friends tried to stop the officer when he had her pinned to the ground, he drew his gun.

Video of the incident caused a firestorm on social media, with people calling for Casebolt to be fired and the police department to be investigated. Casebolt resigned four days after the incident. A grand jury determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Casebolt.

The McKinney PD is set to hold a public forum next week focusing on “moving forward” and “strengthening police and community relationships.”

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