As soon as Barack Obama officially became president in January 2009, we collectively bit our nails in anxiety hoping that he would remain safe. That anxiety was strongest during his first inauguration, when he first stood in front of the world, greeting the U.S. people.

It turns out, that fear wasn't unfounded.

According to the Washington Post, a 46-year-old woman by the name of Julia Poff has been recently charged for mailing a bomb to Obama in October 2016.

Poff also mailed a bomb to Texas governor Greg Abbott and to the Social Security Administration.

Although Obama never opened his bomb, Abbott did open his, fortunately, Poff didn't construct the bomb correctly, so it didn't go off.

Poff was known to dislike Obama, and sent Abbott his bomb because “she had not received support from her ex-husband,” according to court papers. Not long before sending the bombs, Poff's application for social security benefits was denied.

She was caught in part because hairs from her cats had fallen into the bomb she sent Obama. A cigarette box used in the bombs helped investigators target their search to her area, and the fact that Poff also used caps from a salad dressing brand she liked to buy for special occasions helped, too.

Had the bombs exploded, they would've caused "severe burns and death."

The courts have charged Poff with six counts: for mailing the bombs with the intent to maim or kill, but also for falsely declaring bankruptcy and for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program fraud.