In a disturbing video uploaded by TikTok user Dawnyale Shanks, the Texas woman spoke to an officer after she said she was held at gunpoint under the suspicion of being a male suspect the police were attempting to apprehend.

In a video shared to her TikTok, Shanks described the officers as being outfitted with vests and holding megaphones and guns. She said the officers detaining her denied her water, phone use and restroom privileges.

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Officers allegedly told Shanks she was not in trouble because they were looking for a male suspect. However, during the incident, she alleges she was “lied to, manipulated, bullied and coerced” by the police.

When Shanks addressed a female officer about how she handled the situation, the officer said that it was “a learning curve.”

@iamjaliamarie In the case of “mistaken identity” AKA all black people look alike… Arlington PD was in search of a MALE suspect but drew guns on my back (execution style) and addressed it as a “learning curve”… Didn’t ask any questions or check any cameras just drew guns on my back then detained me.! All while trying to intimidate and coerce me … Suspect is still unknown and on the loose.! Did I mention HE was a MAN and they have HIM on camera #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ArlingtonPD #Police #BreonnaTaylor #Lawyer ♬ Reading Rainbow Theme Song – Reading Rainbow

“I was in shock. I didn’t have time to fully process the situation, and when she referred to my life possibly ending as a learning curve, it was at that moment that it registered, it clicked that I’m nothing but an experiment to these people, that hurt, that cut me deep,” she said in her two-minute follow-up video.

Shanks said she was given a brochure and a victim’s service hotline number that later denied her compensation. She has since created a GoFundMe account requesting assistance for lawyer fees.