The long-awaited day for Michael Cohen's testimony expected to criminalize President Trump has arrived — and the tweets are watching.

Last year, Trump's former lawyer pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about what he knew concerning the Russia probe. In December, NPR reported Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for several charges related to his alleged trail of lies, including his false statement to Congress.

Cohen, who has been on a continual truth-telling spree since his indictment, also admitted to lying for President Trump for over 10 years. Cohen is expected to drop some serious bombshells against the president of the United States this week, as well as prove that Trump paid him "hush money" for keeping his illegal deeds out of the public eye, reported WBNS.

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On Wednesday, his testimony in front of several members of Congress has become the highlight of social media and, of course, it doesn't come without its hilarity and harsh truths.

Here are the best tweets on social media about Cohen's testimony.

There was the irony of it all: 

The Black legislator whose face was err single one of us: 

Again, the irony of it all: 

The never-ending lies…

Oh, America. Do better. 

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