Trump Allegedly Said Black People Were 'Too Stupid' To Vote For Him

The claim comes from the president's former lawyer.

Michael Cohen ; Donald Trump
Photo Credit: Seth Wenig / AP ; Getty Images

| November 02 2018,

9:20 pm

Michael Cohen, President Trump's former lawyer, is spilling more tea about his past with the president.

Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign-finance violation and tax fraud charges in August and has been cooperating with prosecutors and Robert Mueller's investigation as he awaits sentencing, according to CBNC. Although he has avoided the public eye, on Tuesday, following the deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, Cohen tweeted an inspirational call to "stop hate." As Haaretz reports, Cohen's father is a Holocaust survivor.

The former lawyer continued to open up by speaking with Vanity Fair about some intimate moments he shared with the president. According to Cohen, Trump had no qualms being casually racist around him.

The disgraced attorney said back when he was Trump's personal lawyer, he and then candidate Trump reviewed tape of a 2016 campaign rally. Cohen claims he pointed out the crowd was incredibly white, and the president had a nasty response.

“I told Trump that the rally looked vanilla on television," Cohen said. "Trump responded, ‘That’s because Black people are too stupid to vote for me.’”

But, that's not all. Cohen also recalled a time in 2000 when they drove through what he called a "rougher neighborhood" in Chicago. 

"Trump made a comment to me, saying that only the Blacks could live like this," Cohen said.

After Nelson Mandela died, Cohen told the magazine Trump used a word to describe African countries that he later allegedly used in the Oval Office.

"[Trump] said to me, ‘Name one country run by a Black person that’s not a s**thole,’ and then he added, ‘Name one city,’” Cohen said.

Finally, the former fixer said Trump made at least one racist comment about Black Apprentice contestant Kwame Jackson.

"There's no way I can let this Black f-g win," Trump said, according to Cohen. 

For his part, Jackson told the magazine he'd heard Trump had said that about him before. When asked for a statement, the former contestant told Vanity Fair: "My response to President Trump is simple and Wakandan. Not today, colonizer!’”

Cohen admitted regretting not severing ties with Trump and said as his personal and financial relationships with the man grew, he found it increasingly easy to overlook certain things.

The White House has not responded to Vanity Fair's requests for a response to Cohen's allegations. 

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