Barack Obama took some time to reconnect with Jacob Philadelphia, the young man who is now graduating from high school years after being featured in an iconic photo with the former president. Philadelphia was 5 years old when he went to the Oval Office to meet Obama. The little boy at that time wondered if he had the same hair as the president.

That’s when Obama bowed down, allowing the boy to touch his hair.

“Touch it, dude!” the president said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The unforgettable moment was captured in a photo by White House photographer Pete Souza. After reconnecting in honor of Philadelphia’s achievement on Friday, the two reflected on the moment.

“Do you remember me?” Obama said as the two chatted via a video conference.

Philadelphia, of course, said he had vivid memories of Obama and the historic day.

“I remember you telling me that your hair was gonna be gray next time,” Philadelphia told Obama during the video call.