The Carters Now Officially Have A Holiday Named In Their Honor

Who run the world?

Photo Credit: Twitter/Bey Legion

| August 09 2018,

1:41 pm

Beyoncé and Jay-Z officially have a holiday.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton declared Wednesday, August 8, as Beyoncé and Jay-Z Day ahead of their concert that night, according to a press release.

The proclamation detailed the couple’s numerous accomplishments in music and deemed them an inspiration to the state’s citizens.

Meanwhile, a bunch of lucky students in six South Carolina schools will have a half day on August 21 due to the Carters’ concert in Columbia.

The concert will be held at the University of South Carolina’s football stadium.

According to WSPA, the students will be released early so school buses can avoid heavy traffic from concertgoers.

“We are going to dismiss these schools early on August 21 due to the heavy traffic anticipated for the concert,” Richland 1 Schools spokeswoman Karen York said in a statement obtained by The State. “Bus routes for these six schools run through or near the stadium area. We are hoping that dismissing these schools early will reduce the likelihood that buses transporting those students home would be delayed by the concert traffic.”

Every other school in the district will release its students at the usual times.

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