Graduation season is in full effect, and one of our favorite hashtags, #blackandhooded, has resurfaced. 

Anthony Wright and Brian Allen started #blackandhooded to show the world black people are seeking advanced degrees and graduating.

"It's a double-entendre: Blacks wearing hoods and being targeted by police, and black folks wearing hoods and being successful," Allen told The Journal Sentinel. "A hood also is what distinguishes you from an undergrad."

The hashtag went viral in 2017 and has evolved into a bonafide movement with a website, merchandise and scholarship fund. 

The class of 2018 is showing up and showing out.

Here are a few of our favorite posts:

1. Sis went through it and came out on the other side. 

If I was doing this for you then I’d have nothing left to prove. Nahhh. This for me though. ????????‍???? I keep getting questions about what this feels like. I’ve Never wanted to be anything other than the woman I’m becoming. The woman I’ve been fighting so hard for. In this three years I’ve been in law school, I’ve been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, fought an eviction, found out I was acquaintance raped by a colleague, battled depression (and still fighting through), experienced an armed man break into my house, and a couple of not so great relationships in between. I’ve lost friends I thought would god parent my future kids. Been dealt some major familial challenges and disappointments. In this three years God has tested every ounce of my being, and each time my heart has remained pure, my dedication never wavered, and my spirit remains genuine and in tact. I remember the day I promised myself I wouldn’t let up until I became everything I imagined. So more than anything this just feels like I won. Like I beat out the me that convinced me I’d be poor and in the hood forever. ???????? I don’t talk about what I been through. I rather celebrate how I came out and how gracefully I went through it. Today though, I’m just grateful. I’ve literally dedicated every damn thing to this. Worked my whole life to realize this dream. I’ve made history through my last name. I’ve broken generational cycles. With me my family’s entire narrative changes. And every person in my bloodline will reap the benefits. I told God I wanted to be like Abraham. That I wanted to lead a life so committed to him and to justice that my descendants will be blessed for years to come by my faithfulness. He told me he got me. And sure as his word rings true, OG ain’t let me down. ????????‍???? May 11th I’ll be a doctor of law. And I am hood and hustler. I am corporate and classy. Some days I’m Angela Rye. Other days I’m Cardi B. Everyday I’m authentic. And anything that does not serve my spirit in a way that heals or grows me, is just noise…I’m just trying to stay alive and take care of my people. And they don’t have no awards for that.

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2. It takes a village to graduate.

3. Did someone call a doctor?

4. Because of her, they can!

“Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make. It’s putting your life on hold to fulfill the promise of your children’s tomorrow. “ . . . This weekend not only did I receive my Master’s Degree in Cyber Security from Indiana University, but I was able to walk the stage with my mother who received her doctorate in Business Administration.  Her graduation ceremony was the same date and time as mine and like any real mother, she refused to go to her own.  With the help of @mmj_inaturallyslay , I was able to arrange that she participate in Black Congratulatory with me. She is a true example of selflessness and love and I can only hope to make her proud. The determination and fire she possesses is a testament to the WOMAN she is and has set an example for all of her children. (3 of which are in the graduating class of 2018 as well.) I aspire to be half the person she is, one hood at a time. It was definitely an honor to hood her and share this special day. This one is for you Mama! ❤️????????????????‍????#blackandhooded #hoodandhooded #1supporter

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5. Turnt up and debt-free!

6. Okay ladies, let's get in formation.

7. Black, hooded and hijabi

8.We hope these babies follow in dad's footsteps.

9. Rep for the rainbow family!

10. We can dig it.

11. Hoods on, fists up!

12.  No, we're wide awake. 

13. Issa family affair.

14. We going to Wakanda.

15. You tell her, baby!

16. Mama knows best!

17. Hooded….but make it fashion. 

18.We're seeing red. 

Graduation Day #blackandhooded #usc

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19. She defied the odds.

Just another black teenage mom breaking societal norms…BECAUSE I CAN ! What a blessing to celebrate Mother's Day & the Commencement of my Masters in Education on the same day!! I became a mother at age 18 & decided allow motherhood to fuel my dreams & ambitions. I pledged THEE Sorority, served as president & served at a National platform, enlisted in the US Army, received awards for organizing Suicide Awareness Walks for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, served as NASPA Graduate Associate, amongst other organizations, all while being a Mom First. I've had my ups and I've definitely had my downs..seen many dark days and long nights, times of uncertainty and fear, discouraging words and actions from others. But the hassle has most certainly been worth the tassle! And through it all, I'm not tirEd.D yet!!! ???? At several points my educational journey was ripped from me not once but three times… never again. I started my journey because of me, but I won't stop because of HER. Everyday I strive to be a Mom she will be proud of. This is for you Jior Bri !!! Happy Mother's Day!! #greeksinhighereducation #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlsRock #GlowingandGrowing #DegreedUp #ArmyRedz #BlackGirlsGraduate #BlackMomsGraduate #MommyAndMe #blackandhooded #blackstudentaffairsprofessionals #momwithamasters #momonamission #imasteredit #becauseofher

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20. Can you tell he's excited?

21. Drop out? Bump that!

Congratulations to the class of 2018!