Being black is hella rewarding, but it can also be exhausting. After a series of racially motivated events at Starbucks, Waffle House and a Pennsylvania golf course, Twitter user Black Aziz aNANsi created the #livingwhileblack hashtag for people to share their stories of racial discrimination.

The hashtag quickly caught on, and people throughout the Twitterverse shared disheartening and relatable stories of being punished for being black in a public space.

Here are some of the harrowing tales that further prove how we can be denigrated for simply existing: 

1. You can become a target in Target:

2. Canada isn't immune to anti-blackness:

3. Those calling 911 can be crazier than their perceived perpetrator: 

4. Black person + small Dog + nice neighborhood = dog walker:

5. "Ain't that about a b*tch?" — Beyonce

6. A sobriety test can be taken….for root beer and cream soda:

7. It doesn't matter if you're trying to save a person's life: 

8. Maybe it's a fold-away bike that pedals itself?:

9. Black kids can't be kids; they're mini-adults:

10. Did they want her firstborn and a blood oath too?:

11.  Did they need this copy during hiring or nah?:

12. Drugs…at a daycare, though?: 

13. No words:

14. We can't call the police without being policed:

15. Or be the police, for that matter: 

This is a shame.