With Black Friday just a day away, the holiday shopping season is officially kicking off! If you have decided to participate, check out these retail etiquette tips to ensure you receive the best service possible!

1. DO be polite to your cashiers! Having your coupons ready at the beginning, not being on your cell phone at the register and handing the money to the cashier are all little things you can do to speed up your transaction. These things also give silent gestures of gratitude to the cashier. Speaking from my experience — this goes a long way.

2. DO get gift receipts, just in case. This way the person you’re gifting, or yourself (if you need a refund) can get the full amount of the purchase upon return.

3. DON’T be afraid to call the store and ask any questions. Stores can even run inventory checks for specific items if you have an item/UPC number. Most stores are even willing to place items (such as shoes) on hold for you if you come pick it up before closing hours.

4. DON’T think that every salesperson who offers help is doing so “for commission.” Most of the time that’s only in a few departments such as jewelry and shoes. Also, if a salesperson does offer assistance it’s because we’ve noticed that “lost” look customers get. So if you need help putting together an outfit, finding a size or finding a specific item — take the help!

5. DO try online shopping this year. It’s best to be early rather than on time for special sales and in-store promotions. Trust me, when a sale is over it’s over. There will be many doorbusters that will end before noon, and most everything will be picked over by 5 p.m. And for you last-minute shoppers, unless you have incredibly good luck, don’t head into a store 10 minutes before closing. You won’t find what you really want in the correct size or color. Plus, online shopping can offer many coupons and discount prices not seen in stores. Use sites like retailmenot.com to catch more savings!

What are your favorite holiday shopping tips? Let us know in the comments below!