Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members nationwide will be popping their signature call “Skee-Wee” with their pinkies up in celebration of one of their own, Sandra Douglass Morgan, being hired as the new president of an NFL team. She is the first Black woman in the league’s history to earn such a position, according to The Hill.

The Las Vegas Raiders announced Thursday that it hired Morgan to be the team’s new president. It later held a press conference to introduce Morgan, during which she said a few words about her achievement.


“I have been the first in other positions that I’ve held, whether it be city attorney or Gaming Control board,” Morgan said at the conference, according to CNN.

Morgan comes to the organization with a rich legal experience working as an attorney in gaming, regulatory and governmental areas.

“I definitely never want to be the last and I want to get to the point obviously where there is no more firsts. … I would tip my hat to all of the … prior women that were leaders and visionaries, if I could be an inspiration or help or open doors for any other women or girl out there then that’s an incredible accomplishment for me,” she continued.

“The importance and effect of it is not lost on me. I know that sports is a male-dominated industry, just as gaming was, and we need to continue to break down these barriers,” she said.



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Raiders owner Mark Davis applauded her integrity and the energy she brings to the Las Vegas community.

“From the moment I met Sandra, I knew she was a force to be reckoned with,” Davis said in a press release, according to CNN. “We are extremely lucky to have her at the helm.”

With the recruitment of Morgan, the Raiders are shaping up to be one of the most progressive NFL teams, as Davis is seriously considering signing free-agent quarterback and social activist Colin Kaepernick to the team’s roster, according to The Hill.