Recently, The Game went on Instagram to voice his thoughts on “scared” music fans. In an Instagram story post initially shared by fellow West Coast rapper YG on Monday, The Documentary rapper saw no flaws in YG’s logic and felt the need to reaffirm it in his own story.

“These n*ggaz love 2 sing the songs and party along to the music, but as soon as they find out the lyrics in these raps is real, they wanna act like scared lil b**hes,” the My Krazy Life performer wrote in the original post. “Don’t get scared now. Keep dance’n pu**y!”

Screenshot The Game Instagram Story


Following the 43-year-old musician’s repost, Hollywood Unlocked shared a screenshot of The Game’s controversial post, asking readers to chime in with their thoughts. Seemingly flustered, the West Coast rapper added his own commentary on the blog’s comments.

“Y’all’ commenters’ be miserable af,” he wrote. “It’s clearly a repost from YG n; it’s about other races rapping along to the culture word for word but get scared when it comes to life … Now gone bout y’all miserable a** lives n don’t forget to flip the mattress so the bed bugs can tan.”

Screenshot HU comments

In 2022, The Game shared some of his thoughts on cultural appropriation through his music. On his latest full-length record: Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind, the Grammy-nominated rapper unveiled his mindset on Eminem in a 10-min track: “The Black Slim Shady.”

At the onset of this year, The Game expressed another revealing message on Instagram, but in this case, his personal life was the focus this time around. 

In January 2023, the “How We Do” rapper declared that he is ready to settle down and make a serious romantic commitment to someone special.

“I’m putting a ring on it this year. All you gotta do is show up for me like I show up for you & pick a date,” said the hopeless romantic rapper.