Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron made history last year when they joined the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading squad.

On Sunday, the pair will be the first male cheerleaders to perform at a Super Bowl. Jinnies and Peron were two of the first male cheerleaders in the league when they joined the Rams in March. The other is Jesse Hernandez, who cheers for the New Orleans Saints.

The Rams secured their spot in the Super Bowl when they defeated the Saints last week.

The two marked the occasion on Twitter:

Jinnies admits the season has been a whirlwind, but the men are enjoying themselves thanks to the support they receive from their community.

"It's been a crazy 10 months," Jinnies told Good Morning America on Thursday. "Dancing hard and really engaging with our community and our team and supporting our players. I can't believe that we made it to this point, so I'm pretty sure it's showing off that we've been working pretty hard."

Before Jinnies and Peron joined the team, the only men who interacted with cheerleaders were stuntmen who worked for the Baltimore Ravens, according to Outsports. The stuntmen were at the Super Bowl six years ago but were only there to throw female cheerleaders in the air.

Peron says their accomplishment has encouraged other men to become cheerleaders.

"I think we can both say that we've been reached out to by so many men that are so excited to try out, not just men our age but young men trying out for the junior high school cheer team, and it's exciting to see this change," he said.

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