Spring is officially upon us, and you know what that means…college students across the country are stripping down, cutting loose, and heading to the beach to enjoy a much-needed break from classes. On March 13, a group Florida International University students did just that when the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha hosted a set on the beautiful shores of South Beach, Miami. What set this college beach party apart from many others is what happened once it was over. 

As the sun set, dozens of party goers joined Miami Beach workers in cleaning up after themselves. “It doesn’t take much to pick up after yourself after partying,” said Jourman Triana, who is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. “You can have fun and also do the right thing.” The simple gesture, which has become a tradition for the fraternity who make a point to pick up their trash each year after their beach party, caught the attention of Miami Beach Police Officers who Tweeted their thanks to the students the following day. 

Meanwhile, on the same day, a different group of American college spring breakers made a completely different impression aboard a tourist ship to Cancun, Mexico as they began to chant, “Build That Wall.” This, despite the fact that they were the ones crossing the border from the United States to vacation in Mexico. 

Photo: RawStory

The "Build That Wall" chant, frequently touted during Donald Trump's Presidential campaign, has become a rallying cry for those who advocate for Trump's Mexican immigration policy. Several Mexican tourists on board the ship expressed their annoyance, but the Americans did not stop at all and continued singing the racist hymn. According to an Editorial in The Yucatan Times, this is just one of many examples of xenophobia and discrimination perpetrated against Mexicans in their own country by young American spring breakers vacationing in Cancun.

What an embarrassment.

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