A new video produced by Procter & Gamble shows that there are two Americas in which one is tougher for black people because of racism and systematic oppression. 

"The Talk" illustrates a few different scenarios black parents have had to educate their children about race, bigotry, racial profiling, and micro-aggressions.

In one vignette, a mother comforts her daughter after— a presumably —white woman tells her she is "pretty for a black girl." The girl appears to be sad by this and a little confused but her mother reassures her that she is "beautiful period" and that woman's compliment wasn't one.

Throughout the 2-minute short film, other stories are featured. A young boy learns the truth about the n-word, a teen learns about driving while black, another learns about racial profiling from police and others learn the harsh reality of prejudice they may face. 

“Our goal with ‘The Talk’ is to help raise awareness about the impact of bias,” Damon Jones, director of global company communications at Procter & Gamble, told the HuffingtonPost. “We are also hopeful that we can make progress toward a less biased future by recognizing the power of people of all backgrounds and races showing up for one another.”

Watch the powerful short and see if you or anyone you know have had any of these conversations.