Sunny Hostin has made it clear that because of her devotion to Catholicism, she is against abortion, even in regard to sexual assault and incest. Her opinion on The View has earned her much criticism, but she also notes that she does not agree with women not having autonomy over their bodies under government influence. During a recent chat over late-term abortion, Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg disagreed.

The hosts discuss late-term abortions

As reported by Decider, Sara Haines reminded her co-hosts that “there is no such thing as people having late-term abortions.”

Hostin later asked Haines about her stance on limitations on abortion. “I don’t think the stance is abortion by-request for a full pregnancy,” Haines said, with Joy Behar reminding Haines about her previous comments.

“1.3 percent of the time,” Hostin interjected, sharing Haines’ earlier data.

Haines reminded Hostin such instances are often “due to medical reasons,” and “not on-request.” Haines added: “I do not believe at-request, for your entirety of your [pregnancy] with no explanation, you should be able to get abortions.”

Hostin asked: “Why? If it’s your right.”

Haines responded, “if there are going to be some massive medical problems, I don’t need a church person to tell me, ‘But there’s a soul in there,’ because what if my family can’t afford—” before being cut off by Hostin.

“But if you’re six months pregnant and your husband leaves you and you have two other kids you can’t afford, are you okay with that?” Hostin asked.

“I’m sorry, let me step in, because doctors will not,” Goldberg said to Hostin. “You know doctors will not take care of that if there’s nothing wrong with that [fetus].”

Goldberg added: “No, there’s nothing wrong with that fetus, you know doctors don’t do that. They do not do that. Your husband will tell you doctors don’t do that.”

Hostin replied: “I don’t think that’s true.” Goldberg then shot to break.

Watch the debate below: