A recent report from the Huffington Post confirms at least four white supremacists are seeking public office in 2018. 

First up is former Neo-Nazi leader, Arthur Jones. Jones, who represents parts of Chicago, announced his run for the Republican seat in Congress on Feb. 6. He is running in the GOP primary, set for March 20. One of his platforms is to make English the U.S. official language. On his website, he states that "America was founded by English speaking people," and "Either, learn America’s language, our culture, and respect our laws or get out of our country!" 

White Nationalist Paul Nehlen, whose Twitter page has recently been suspended for the second time (this time for racist remarks made towards Meghan Markle's fiancée, Prince Harry), is looking to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). Nehlen previously lost to Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama. He is quickly gaining a reputation for his anti-semetic rhetoric. In one tweet he said, "Jesus is the Messiah. He is one and whole with the Holy Ghost. Jews (and others) who do not acknowledge this fact will burn in hell.”

Sean Donahue is campaigning to replace Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.). He was convicted for making terroristic threats against Stephanie Salavantis, Luzerne County  district attorney. Donahue was sentenced to two years of probation.

John Abarr is running as a Democrat for the Montana state House of Representatives. Peak caucacity can be found on his website: 

"Pride and Dignity for Caucasian,"  Abarr says: "I Have European Americans Declared a Protected Class under the law. All ethnicities and races have a basic human right to dignity and promotion of their culture. There is widespread discrimination and hatred targeted at European Americans. There must be protections for us under the law caucasian should be able to publicly proclaim their ethnic identity and heritage in all institutions."

White Supremacist, Neo-Nazis champion hate and divisiveness–and they have a large following. Don't sleep.

It's time to think seriously about upcoming political elections. We have to keep ourselves informed about the people seeking public office and be aware when their names show up on ballots–and we cannot wait until 2020 to do so. We must act now. 

Most of us never imagined the current president we have sitting in the oval office–but here we are.