These 10 Classroom Door Decorations Are Dripping With Black Pride

We just getting started.

Creative classroom door decorations
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| February 01 2019,

3:10 pm

Black History Month is a time for reflection and celebration. For many, it is also a time to create some of the most decorative display's honoring Black Pride. Teachers throughout the nation have taken DIY to great heights with classroom door donning afros, headwraps and iconic figures.

Check out these 10 creative manifestations on Black Pride below: 

1. Because Black History Made Us

A Baltimore teacher named Kimberly decorated her door with several historical figures sitting underneath the head of an Afro-rocking sista. We love the boldness! 

"One of my students showing how the door opened," she captioned on Instagram


2. Caping for Kaep

D.C. teacher Glen Mourning showed his appreciation for NFL star Colin Kaepernick, who made waves in 2016 after kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest.

Here for it.

"I’ve always dreamed of becoming an NFL superstar and when this guy right here decided to fight for love and equality...He changed my perspective on what being a big time play maker actually meant. Make the game winning move in the game of life," he wrote on Instagram.


3. Back to Africa

"Someone told me I look like @michelleobama today.... Best compliment EVER!!! Disclaimer: I did not do this first. I saw another teacher’s door and I just put my own swag on it. I don’t know her IG to give her credit but it was awesome," she wrote.


4. Kentes and Afros

Georgia art teacher Kymm Daniels, known as ArtTeacherBabe on Instagram, decorated her classroom door with a collage of famous figures from Black history, along with two women rocking afros and kente cloth.

"Im so proud of my work," she shared in her caption.


5. Door Supreme 

Mrs. Bertotto, a Philadelphia school teacher, paid homage to legendary Supremes lead vocalist Diana Ross with her door decoration. Ain't no mountain high enough. 

"Our Black History Month door is truly 'Supreme!'," Bertotto tweeted.

6. Wakanda Forever
Black Panther

"My door from last year," he captioned.

7. Coils Galore 

Art teachers stay winning. Elementary school instructor Ms. Kennedy shared her most recent creation displaying a Black woman proudly showcasing her coils.   

"Another one of my Black History Projects," Kennedy shared. 


8. Queens and Crowns

Helena, a Brooklyn teacher inspired by quilled art designer  Quillqueen, created a classroom door with a Black woman wearing an afro adorned with a headwrap. 

"Black History Month door I completed today. She's too cute ❤ Thanks to @quillqueen for the pic of inspiration," the teacher wrote on Instagram.


9. Teach and They Will Know

Georgia teacher Nicole Waller is all about making sure our babies know who they are and from where they come. She created a door displaying a child surrounded by historical figures with the caption, "Because of them we can and we will."

"Before and After!!!! Teach them so they will know," she wrote on Instagram


10. Getting Down with Sound

One law student got all hands on deck for her school's door challenge where students honored singers throughout Black history that have made an impact on their lives.  

"I shared the #blackhistorydoorchallenge with the students in my school, and this is what my advisory students created! Everyone loved the positive energy and competitive spirit - the door for my class is the best 😂 Some students said certain people didn't belong on the door...and then my students said - "We are Black history" from Gil Scott Heron to Queen Latifah to Gucci - yessss," she wrote


Happy Black History Month, y'all! We just getting started. 

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